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I'm Sarah Robbins- and I've built an 8-figure network marketing business online- 
I help network marketers build the business of their dreams with my proven, proprietary social media success system.
I'm a top recruiter in my company every year, and the majority of my leads come from social media- 
No paid ads. No purchased leads or "likes". Simple strategy that will work for anybody, any company. 
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This is just our fun way of saying THANKS for tuning in LIVE and reward you for being serious about your  business!
Meet Your 
Coach and Mentor Sarah Robbins!
In this transformational 5-day live learning experience
I will share you with you my personal playbook,
full of little-known secrets that have allowed me
to go from kindergarten teacher with no network-
to now network marketing industry leading expert!

From $0 sales online to over $2 BILLION IN SALES IN A YEAR!

  • 8 FIGURE ENTREPRENEUR From $0 in sales online, to over $2 BILLION DOLLARS in sales, in one year!  
  •  BEST SELLING AUTHOR: Rock Your Network Marketing Business! 
  • ​COACH: Built a 7-figure side hustle teaching people HOW @ The Network Marketing Inner Circle (My Mastermind Group!) 
Discover What Has This ROCKSTAR
Raving About Working WITH Us! 
In Each Day of This 5-Day Live and Highly Interactive Learning Experience You're Going To Get Answers To Your Biggest and Most Important Questions and Concerns When It Comes To 
Social Media Marketing For Network Marketing:
Day 1: Who are YOU? Bio Review! Let your bio become a money making machine! 
How do you create a bio that is a money making machine for you? During this day we'll share how to create passive income by simply posting (about anything!) And help you generate passive sales, simply by people going to your page, and checking out your bio! 

Day 2: Power Posts To Rock Your Network Marketing Business
We'll reveal exactly what to post, and when. We will show how to create "pull posts" versus "push posts" to have people asking regularly, what do you do? And can I do it, too? 
You'll learn exactly how to "sell" without "selling!" with tons of post ideas and examples!
PLUS: learn how to create posts that perform in the newsfeed! 

Crush the algorithm with the latest strategy for 2022! 

Day 3: CAPTION THIS! Capturing NEW leads!
We'll teach you how to post powerfully + strategically to get new prospects 
+ unattached leads from people you don't know- yet!  Caption and hashtag strategy to help you get engagement of your current followers, and generate new ones from simple strategy! 

(PS these are tips that work every time!) 

Day 4: VIDEO + VIRTUAL (+ NEW: Selling in Stories!)
We'll go over live video techniques to 100x your reach--learn what we recommend and I'll show you how to use our simple methods to rock your results! It's simple- no sweat! 
If you've never done a live video before, you will now! If you've done one before, I'll teach you how to 10x your approach and get rockin results! 

PLUS (NEW!) learn how to "sell" in stories creating shoppable posts! 

Reels are the hottest trend to grow your account! We'll show you how reels will take you from stagnant to growing your social media pages, in under an hour-- and I'll show you live how simple it is to get started! 

The #1 way to generate new followers (aka potential customers!)

Been a part of our challenges before?

We are adding in NEW strategy and ALL NEW tips for engagement! 

No matter your level in social media, this will help you level up!
You'll be surprised at how SIMPLE my system is! 

If you are ready to take your life and business to the next level in 2022...then you simply can't afford to miss this challenge...
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